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Most visa applications involve travelling to a special centre to submit your biometric data and documents. But what if it’s not convenient? Depending on your location, a convenient appointment at your home or office may be possible.


Who are they?

Apply Anywhere is a service provided by TLScontact, the company responsible for processing visa applications on behalf of the governments of all Travelisa’s destination countries. TLScontact run the Visa Application Centres that you’ll be asked to attend if you’re making a visa application from one of the countries they operate in.

As an official government partner, booking an Apply Anywhere appointment to submit your visa application at a convenient location is safe and secure, and shouldn’t be confused with the appointment-booking services offered by unofficial agencies, which can be risky and very expensive.

You can check whether TLScontact will be processing your application based on where you live by clicking the button below and using the drop-downs to select your country of residence and destination. If you find that TLScontact will be processing your application, you can come back here and request a personalised quotation using the form at the bottom of the page.


What's in it for me?

If the Apply Anywhere service is available in your country and for your planned destination, you’ll be able to find out how much it would cost to arrange a convenient appointment at the location of your choice.


  • Simplify the application process

    If you are organising travel for yourself, a group, a company, as a family, or if you simply live a long way from your nearest visa application centre, it can simplify the visa application process by bringing it straight to your door

  • Personalised assistance

    You’ll get personalised assistance from specialist TLScontact visa agents to submit your biometrics and application documents

  • Avoid unnecessary travel

    Saving you time and money in the process
  • Easier and more cost effective

    Very useful for groups and large families, where it can be easier and more cost effective to book an appointment at home or in a nearby hotel, rather than travelling to a visa centre

  • Process multiple applications together

    Travelling for business, with a group of colleagues, or simply too busy to attend a visa centre? An Apply Anywhere appointment can be arranged at your offices to save time and process multiple applications together

Key Information

Available for visa applications handled by TLScontact

Perfect for groups, large families, and business travellers

Personalised assistance and convenience

Cost-effective and time-saving

Is my application eligible for the Apply Anywhere service?

To check whether your application is eligible for the Apply Anywhere service, please complete the form below and a member of the TLScontact team will contact you to confirm and arrange a personalised quotation based on your requirements.

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