Have you always wanted to visit or live in Germany? As a student, you can travel there to study a course and experience life in another country. You can check if you need a visa, here.

What type of visa will I need? 

Choosing the right visa for you can be overwhelming sometimes and we want to give you as much student visa guidance as possible. When you’re applying to study in Germany, there are a few different options.

If you’re an international student and have been accepted at an official university in Germany, you can apply for a German National visa. This will let you study a university programme for 3 months. 

There are other types of student visas you can choose from, such as the:

German Student Applicant Visa

which you’ll need if you’ll have to apply for university in person. You can’t actually study in Germany with this visa - it’s only valid for the university application process.

German Language Course Visa

which you can apply for if you want to study a German language course in Germany.

Last updated 15 May 2024